Yoga can be defined in many different ways. It is a holistic approach that helps you inhabiting your body fully, connecting you with your feelings, and bringing your mind in a coherent and clear state. Through this practice, we develop a healthy capacity to expand our understanding and knowledge to who we truly are in essence and the potential we have to create a truly fulfilled and wholesome life, which can lead us into simple presence.

Although there are many branches of yoga, the philosophy can be defined as joining or union (translation of yoga) of the many seemingly opposing layers of our being. It is one of the oldest system of personal development, encompassing body, heart, and mind.

The physical structure is composed by asanas or postures that exercise every part of the body, stretching and toning the muscles and joints, the spine and the skeleton system, organs, glands, and nerves, in accordance with breathing techniques know as pranayama that revitalise the body and help us to keep a centre and clear mind.

But the aim of yoga it isn’t just to help us develop our physical, and mental capacities, but by the fruition of a committed yoga practice we learn to deeply relax the inner struggle with life’s paradoxes.

The path of yoga, although diverse, it’s a set of practices that moves us out of comfort zones in our bodies and minds, engendering the possibility of broadening our capacity for connection.

This process becomes possible as we learn to be fully engaged in feeling our bodies and mental states in various poses and contemplations, as well as to observe how we are responding to our moment to moment experience as it unfolds.

Anyone can practice yoga. You don’t need special equipment or clothes, just a small amount of space and a strong desire for a healthier, more fulfilled life.



Alive and Connected


Your Challenges as your Teachers


Your capacity to Grow and Expand


In your Self and you will be Unstoppable


Space for your wellbeing


Your mind, your body & every fiber of your being


Private Yoga Lessons

1 SESSION £75 GBP (60 mnts)

*Package of 3 sessions £210 GBP
(£70 per session)

*Package of 5 sessions £325 GBP
(£65 per session)

Private yoga is especially designed to make your practice customised and accessible for you, your partner or a few friends.

Sessions are personalised to help you address specific goals including the following:

  • Relief you from stress, tension, and anxiety
  • Improve your body strength and balance
  • Sharpen your senses and calm your mind
  • If you have an injury that prevents you from attending a class
  • Practice self love and confidence
  • Prenatal yoga to prepare for childbirth

I look forward to working with you!

*Terms and conditions apply

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Corporate Yoga Lessons

1 SESSION £13 GBP per person (60 mnts)

Corporate yoga group session is a class designed for groups of minimum 5 people and is tailored to help you reduce the risk and symptoms of corporate stress and burning out!

  • Learn tools to help you feel relax and in control at work
  • Improve your focus and your ability to retain information
  • Prevent developing health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, cancer, and depression
  • Create space in your workplace to unwind and recharged
  • Develop the ability to shine in your workplace!


… and your 5th yoga session is on me!

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Skype Yoga

(60 mnts each session)

*Package of 3 SESSIONS £180 GBP
(£60 per session)

Imagine to have a personalised yoga class just by clicking a button!

Skype sessions are great if you are traveling, on holidays or living abroad

You can have a private session in the comfort of your home and still wearing you PJs 🙂

Or If you live in an area that is far away for me to reach you

All you need is an Skype account, and your yoga mat!


My Hatha yoga classes are taught in the Sivananda tradition following a sequence of yoga warm up exercises (sun salutation), postures (asanas), deep relaxation practices, and breathing exercises (pranayama).

This sequences and variations can be both physically challenging and deeply relaxing at the same time, and in accordance with the level of my students I create a tailored sequence of poses to really enhance your yoga practice.

I begin the class with a short chant, to set a calm mental attitude and inner focus, and to create a harmonious atmosphere within the space of practice.

Then I follow into the warm up, a sequence of flowing movements called sun salutations, then some stretches and core strength exercises.

Having thoroughly warmed up your body we move into the main body of the class. A structured sequence of yoga postures (asanas).

The final part of the class concludes with a long guided deep-relaxation to allow the benefits of the practice to be fully metabolised.

In occasions I also conclude the class with a guided or silence meditation.



I suggest you contact me first to arrange a suitable slot for you.

Upon request, I will sent you a Registration Form for private sessions, which will include all details of your sessions as well as a health form for you to fill out.

Private sessions are book as single or blocks of 3, and 5.

Blocks of 3 and 5 are valid for 2 months unless otherwise negotiable with me.

Single and block bookings are to be paid for in advance of the first session.

For all bookings a regular time slot will be organised between you and me where possible. If on one week you cannot make that slot I will do my best to reschedule that week. However there is no guarantee that another slot will be available.

The cancellation period is 24 hours notice, more than 24 hours notice most be given, otherwise the full amount for your session will be charge.

Any classes not taken within the period of validity may be lost at the teacher discretion although every effort will be made to help make sure you have the flexibility you need to take your sessions in your own time.



"Luisa's classes work great for me, because we can connect at flexible times on Skype
she has been of great help in setting an exercise routine in my schedule, since I usually spend many hours sitting on the computer.
I love her fun yet committed approach to my yoga practice"

Melina TourosGraphic Designer, Colombia